Diagomix offers a wide range of customized services. We have proven quality in line with best - in - class service providers with competitive pricing. Check our main services below.

  • Monoclonal antibody development
  • Polyclonal antibody development
  • Recombinant antibody development
  • Diagnostic tests development (ELISA, Immunochromatography, etc)
  • Cell-based assays development (primary cells and cell lines)
  • Bulk antibodies production
  • Companion diagnostics (CDx)
  • and others

Check our prices

Services Prices (from)
Labeling antibodies up to 1 mg $270
Development of polyclonal antibodies (1 rabbit) $500
Development of monoclonal antibodies to customer antigen $5 500
Expression and purification of recombinant antigens (1 mg) $470
Antigen cloning from customer material $360
Antibody manufacturing (1mg) $50
Purification of antibodies on an affinity substrate reagents $170
Peptide synthesis and its conjugation with KLH $1 100
Development of ELISA (from) $8 700
Development of LF test (from) $20 500

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